Ways to improve the health of your workers

Improving the health of your workers means that they will be more productive and this means a general improvement in the performance of your company. A research conducted by Forbes indicates that workers are more receptive to health improvement training provided by a company rather than individual health training (Wyman Nicholas, 2020 – written in Forbes). Providing health training programs for your workers may seem complicated and expensive, but when you look into it, its the opposite. Promoting health and wellness in the company improves the workers’ productivity and motivation towards the company’s goals. Below are some of the strategies:

Comfortable work enviroment

A relaxed and comfortable work environment has a significant impact on the health and wellness of your workers. Having indoor plants in the office, for example, can help to have better quality air circulating. Indoor plants make the workplace more natural and hence comfortable. Installing healthy office lighting throughout the office helps to set the mood for your workers. Research shows that ambient lighting and indoor plants stimulate the workers to be more focused and to increase productivity by 40% (Griffiths Sarah, 2013). This is because the workers feel more connected to the environment. Providing ambient light also stimulates the brain activity affecting the workers mental and physical energy.

Use healthy food options

Diet is one of the key things that affect how human beings operate. Changing the cafeteria menu at the office can go a long way toward improving the health of your workers. Ensure you have a lot of fruits and vegetables in the food lineup. Hiring a nutritionist can also help you to determine the type of diet to increase productivity. The nutritionist can also help to advise the workers on what type of diet to consume depending on their body and health needs. You can also keep healthy snacks in stock instead of sugary snacks for an afternoon treat.