Ways to improve the health of your workers

Improving the health of your workers means that they will be more productive and this means a general improvement in the performance of your company. A research conducted by Forbes indicates that workers are more receptive to health improvement training provided by a company rather than individual health training (Wyman Nicholas, 2020 – written in… Read More »

Fun at home

It happens to the best of us: you end up stuck in bed for a few days because of a terrible flue or a stomach bug, or because you sprained your ankle while trying to keep up with your fitness-crazy neighbor when jogging. If that happened fifty years ago you didn’t have that many choices.… Read More »

How to Pass the Time with Your Mobile Phone

There can be many times when we find ourselves quickly becoming bored. The good news is that the advent of mobile technology has now provided us with a host of entertaining options to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of popular possibilities that will keep you engaged for hours. Brain Teasers… Read More »

Three Ideas to Keep You Entertained During Recovery Time

Almost everyone needs to take time to recover from an injury, illness or surgery at some point in their lives. This resting period is critical to maintaining your health and making your recovery a success, but it can be hard to stave off boredom. These three ideas can help you keep yourself occupied while your… Read More »

Stop Smoking – Ways of Breaking the Habit

The hazards of smoking are well known. Smoking is not only the leading cause of lung cancer, but is also responsible for a myriad of other health conditions. It affects virtually every aspect of the body.Smokers not only suffer from aesthetic determents of their appearance, such as having stained teeth, earlier onset of wrinkles, and… Read More »

New Research in Healthcare Medicines

Leading Swiss drug manufacturers Roche have developed a new type of medication that improves blood lipids. The research has shown that this new drug could cut the rate of strokes, heart attacks, cardiovascular death and unstable angina in sufferers who have a certain genetic background.According to researchers in Montreal, this drug, which is known as… Read More »

New Ways of Working around Healthcare Today

In the last few years the options for healthcare professionals have widened dramatically. In the past, most healthcare workers worked at a single institution and would only have contact with the patients that visited that hospital or clinic. However, as the needs of patients change, so do the work options for healthcare professionals.Freelance Healthcare WorkersMore… Read More »

New Research in Healthcare – Stem Cells

Stem cell research is one of the fastest moving and most exciting areas of medical research, offering a whole range of new possibilities when it comes to treatment of serious diseases and medical conditions.Stem cells exist naturally in the body, and are a class of undifferentiated cell, which can then can differentiate into different cell… Read More »

Understanding the American health care system

The American health care system can seem puzzling to outsiders. Americans are fiercely proud of it, and it’s true that the quality of care at America’s best hospitals is second to none. But the US spends more of its citizen’s money on health care — to less effect — than most other developed nations.The BasicsMost… Read More »